Simplifying Family Moments with Eckert’s Farm

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Fall is the (my) perfect time of year to wander outside and create memorable times with family. I sure do enjoy traveling and the luxury of trips, however, nothing can compare to the good ol’ beauty in simplicity. Especially around this season, all I desire is to explore nature and participate in fun activities while doing so! The weather is ideal here in St. Louis for all kinds of fall fun. After living in the area for a little over 2 years we finally made a trip out to the famous Eckert’s Farm in Illinois, right outside of STL.


What To Expect

The farm is filled with all sorts of family-friendly things to do such as: carnival rides and food, pig races, pony/camel rides, mini golf area, apple picking, and for night time haunted hay rides + bonfires. I mean seriously, as a toddler mom and young wife this is was an exceptional day out for us! The energy felt here is distinct, completely different than our every day atmosphere in the city. Being out in the middle of nowhere can actually benefit your state of mind as well, the clear open space feels refreshing. I truly believe simplifying into these type of experiences can surely bring a great sense of joy to each family!


Our Personal Experience

Unfortunately, my family and I arrived much later than we expected. Our GPS took us in the wrong direction, leading us to be 2 hours late. Despite the huge detour, we still managed to make the best of the evening! Kaden had the greatest time petting and feeding the farm animals. Am I the only mom that becomes genuinely happy to see their kid LOVE animals?! It’s something about watching my son treating others in a loving manner that fills my heart with warmth. We also enjoyed yummy country food and dessert (not pictured) after exploring most of the farm. We then ended our night staying cozy at the bonfire soaking up all the fall vibes. This place is definitely one you MUST experience this season, I know everyone raves about Eckert’s in the St. Louis area and now I personally see why! Hope you can make it out before the end of the season, if not it’s okay.. there’s always next year. 😉







I want to give a huge thanks to Alive Network for sponsoring this event! We absolutely fell in love and will be visiting again before the end of Fall!



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