Spring Cleaning For The Mind, Body, and Soul 

Another beautiful spring day among us, and I’m deeply thankful! I adore spring, everything about it from the warmer weather, beautiful blossoms, and the variety of activities. One of my favorites this year is: SPRING CLEANING. Keep in mind I don’t necessarily mean the typical “clean around the house and tidy up” spring clean. Nonetheless, that should be on our list as well. Today, I will be talking about the art of spring cleaning for the mind, body, and soul. Hope this enlightens or inspires you in a way!

To cleanse your mind, body, + soul is to thoroughly wash away and release all negativity we have accumulated this past year. It’s time for us to flourish and feel rejuvenated, within and from the outside as well. Here are a few ways to begin cleansing yourself to transform into a better version of ‘you’ this year!

Cleanse your mind by decluttering and transmitting more positive energy. Your mindset has power over all darling. I know we’ve all had a lot going on this winter and have a million things planned for the upcoming months, however, slow down some. At times we have the tendency to do things just because we can. This is how we fill our mind with unnecessary and overly crowded ideas. Simplify your thoughts, exterminate anything that isn’t essential or vital to your well being. People underestimate the power of decluttering, it will do wonders my friend! Speaking of friends, do you have toxic friendships? Maybe even a toxic relationship? Get rid of that as well. Basically, let go of anything that is consuming your mind & emotions in a negative way. Eventually it can drown your sanity, and we don’t want that to happen. Once you master this concept, you’ll have a clean slate to work with. Now it’s time to spread good vibes and positive energy. As I usually say, “we are what we transmit”.

You can even get assistance to with a home cleaning service to fully cleanse and de clutter your home as well.

Cleanse your body by renewing your physical activities. You may have lost track over the winter months, maybe you even let yourself go a little. Well I’m here to tell you ITS NOT too late to begin again. It’s never too late, as cliche as that sounds it’s true! Now is the perfect time to reset your body and aim for your health/fitness goals! You can start this process by detoxing, a 1-2 day detox will do the trick. If you’re not into that type of thing, then you can simply go ahead and start being more active each day. Being active can consist of cleaning your home daily, going on walks, taking your little(s) to the park, working out at home, etc. No one expects you to jump right back into the groove of things, therefore, don’t overwhelm yourself either. Set weekly goals and eat cleaner, a little at a time will amount up to more.

Cleanse your soul by becoming more in-tune with yourself and cleaning the windows of your spirit. Humble your ego, do more good, be more willing to help others, & let go of nasty habits. As you become less of the world, you will come closer to your spirit. Cease being a slave to society, material things, judgment, etc. Set spiritual goals for yourself which can be: go to church more often, meditate as much as possible, open up your scriptures or other spiritual reads, and engage in soul searching activities. Polishing your attitude towards others will bring your soul great joy as well. Being nicer period can come a long way! Attempt to socialize when you can, share light and love with your peers because you never know who may be in need of it. Making inner changes will never be the wrong thing to do as long as they keep you at your best. Cleaning the spaces in your soul can make a significant difference in you this year. It’s on you to make it happen though.

Truly hope this allowed you to see what type of approach to give yourself this Spring! As I know I’ll too be practicing these points myself. There’s nothing more lovely than radiant + positive souls roaming this world in these tragic days. Do you have certain ways to cleanse your way of living? I’d love to hear other perspectives! xx

  • Shelby cummings


    This is so inspiring. Thank you for writing this Diana!

    • dianasamantha

      Well thank you for stopping by! Glad you liked it xx

  • Landie


    This was . . . just what I needed to read today. I’m feeling a little “dirty” in the mind/body/soul areas, and am SO tired right now, I don’t know even know what I’m doing. I don’t know where I’m at, or why. Which doesn’t make sense, because I got nearly 9 hours of sleep last night. I need to de-clutter my mind for sure. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog, I’ve definitely got some reading to do.

    • dianasamantha

      Hi Landie, thank you so much for stopping by! I know exactly what you mean, there has been a huge reboot overdue in my life as well. there are times I feel overwhelmed and it clouds my mind which eventually ends up to discouragement. I’ve personally been practicing these pointers already and feel so much better. I hope you follow along! xx

  • MJB


    I think the universe is trying to tell me something. The phrase “spring cleaning” has been following me all day long.

    • dianasamantha

      That’s no coincidence! Maybe it’s time to begin fresh (:

  • Savanna


    I needed this. Thank you! I am doing a two day cleanse this week and am so excited to get refreshed!

    • dianasamantha

      I actually feel so discouraged because I’ve been eating so bad but this post actually motivated myself to get back on track.

  • Abby


    Simply! I love that. I have a really hard time doing that. Thanks for the reminder of just how important that is 🙂

    • dianasamantha

      Thank you for stopping by! It is absolutely crucial to keep things simple to avoid constant stress & overwhelming.

  • Bonner


    You have shed a ray of susnhine into the forum. Thanks!

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