Thrive From New Beginnings

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New beginnings may appear daunting for many. It especially was to me. Being away from family and close friends took a toll on me during my pregnancy. I moved nearly 1k miles away from everything I knew during my first trimester, I was beyond devastated. Up to that point in my life I had never been away from my parents, I didn’t even know too much outside of Florida, much less did I feel ready to be a mother (pregnancy was unexpected). On top of all that, I was a newlywed.  I had various stages in my life going on at once, can you imagine the feeling of overwhelm and anxiety? It certainly wasn’t the easiest journey to embark on, however, it’s been one of the greatest in my life so far.  After being depressed for nearly 6 months I started to see the positive effects from my “new beginning”. I began to see the improvement+independence in my being, the confidence of a first time mother, and the growth as a wife. I allowed the light into my life.

Live To Thrive

Suddenly, 2 years later here I am with full purpose and control of who I want to become. Moving away from home was exactly what I needed to find my grand potential. There is literally one direction in life, the only direction for us to take: that is.. forward.  To live our life and thrive from whatever we’re doing is our true personal success. It doesn’t matter what your occupation is, or whether you have one or not. If you’re striving for self-improvement, YOU ARE THRIVING. If you’re doing exactly what your soul longs for, YOU ARE THRIVING. If you’re building a family, YOU ARE THRIVING. As long as you’re doing what you love, YOU ARE THRIVING.

New Chapter, New Beginning

Our live’s are made up of different chapters which make new beginnings inevitable. Sometimes we don’t realize how much of an impact a new beginning can really be because they’re around regularly: each day, each week, each month, each year. We don’t necessarily have to wait a specific time to do something new or take a leap of faith. The blessing of having infinite potential should motivate you to conquer all your goals! If you need a boost of inspiration, I talked a little bit more about fulfilling your purpose & path HERE.  

The Outcome

From taking a huge step out of my comfort zone, starting over in life, and leaving everything behind these are a few things I am fully aware of now & wish someone would’ve told me then…

  1. New beginnings are essential for everyone’s inner growth + maturity.
  2. Just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you’re truly happy.
  3. You learn more about your purpose when you leave pieces of yourself behind.
  4. Living away from family will make you appreciate them 10x’s more.
  5. A new chapter is always healthy + positive, as long as you perceive it as such.

Because of my new beginning, I’m a wife, mother, blogger/creator, counselor and so many other things I deeply love. Thanks for reading everyone! Here are a few more pictures that show my reason to thrive… enjoy! xx




IMG_2640   IMG_2643




Mexican Blanket // Spanglish Heart

Wooden Basket // Micheal’s

Floral Tunic // Pink Blush

Levi Vintage Bottoms // Thred Up

Round Sunglasses // Sunglass Spot



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