My Top 3 Favorite Skincare Brands


When it comes to beauty, skincare is my first love. Sure, makeup is fun, but in order to achieve a flawless appearance you must properly take care of your base (aka face).

I’m frequently asked what my favorite products are & honestly, they’re always changing up. I love discovering new natural products/brands, however, for about a couple months now I’ve narrowed down my favs.

Keeping the same routine for more than a month was my goal, that way I can REALLY see if these specific products helped my target issue (which is evening skin pigmentation, toning & brightening dullness).



More natural & safer beauty products are always my go to. Not that I don’t approve of other brands, I simply prefer to be conscious about the products I apply on my skin every day. (Eco-friendly enthusiast #ayee)

Again, my current skincare issue is to brighten my dark spots from previous acne (the solution to my acne nightmare) and maintain a radiant look. Therefore, the top three brands I’ve been obsessing over lately are Farmacy, Kiehl’s, & Biossance.  Haven’t found one product from their line that I don’t love! I’ll be sure to link each of my current go-to products below for your convenience.

Skincare Regimen

I also wanted to share with you both my morning and nighttime routine, which is pretty simple to be honest. I have found that the less you use, the better results you gain.

AM: I wash my face with Farmacy’s New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains leaving my skin smooth, fresh, and clear. Then depending on the day I alternate between Kiehl’s Ultra Moisturizer and Farmacy’s Honey Drop Moisturizer. I use the Ultra Moisturizer when I’m not going to apply any makeup, this moisturizer literally gives my face a glow boost and feels best when I don’t apply anything over it. I love how hydrating the Honey Drop Moisturizer is as well, this one works best under makeup for sure. Lastly, I apply the Green Screen sunscreen most days!

PM: If I wore a face full of makeup, I clean up with Farmacy’s Green Clean balm. This thoroughly removes my makeup and the impurities from that day, leaving my skin refreshed and hydrated. I usually use a generous amount to assure full removal of makeup. On my “more natural” days, I deep clean with Kiehl’s Calendula Face Wash. THIS HAS BEEN A FAVORITE FOR ABOUT A YEAR NOW YAL! My pores have minimized over time and this has kept my acne away. Truly leaves my face revitalized, can’t get enough of this one. Then I tone with the Kiehl’s Clarifying + Activating Toner, within a couple weeks I noticed my skin becoming brighter and reduced darker spots on my cheek area.

Following this, I apply the eye gel from Biossance which has gradually helped with my dark circles more than anything. It feels soothing too after a long day which is why I love it so much! Lastly, I apply the Biossance Rose Oil to work with my skin overnight. It can be a bit oily, so a couple drops go a long way! This oil has mostly helped to brighten my skin and even out the texture of it as well. Some nights I’ll use Farmacy’s Sleep Tight night balm before applying the oil to boost my radiance. I don’t use it daily because it’s the travel size (lol).

Products Mentioned

Farmacy Beauty –

New Day Exfoliating Grains

Honey Drop Moisturizer

Green Screen

Green Clean

Sleep Tight

Rise & Shine (I tried out this moisturizer too, love how light weight it is and soothing for my dry spots, but decided to use during trips since it’s travel size).

Kiehl’s –

Clarity-Activating Toner

Ultra Moisturizer (not photographed)

Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash (not photographed)

Biossance –

Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel

Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

Well this concludes my favorites! I hope it can be somewhat of a guide for your skin care routine. Let me know if you’ve used these brands before, what do you think about using more natural products?

Thanks for reading! xx

mother soul

  • Emma


    Omg I love skincare products. It’s too bad that I only realized it later on that I need to take better care of my face lol.

    These sound great girl, I might have to try these out because your skin always looks amazing!


    • dianasamantha

      Idk why I’m just seeing this lol! Oops. Thanks though mama, it’s been a long process! Haha.

  • Kileen


    These products sound amazing! I’m always on the lookout to improve my skincare routine!

    cute & little

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