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I’ve never been the gal who enjoys baths. Honestly, I highly disliked them and didn’t see how others felt “tranquility” whatsoever. Well surprisingly, I’m here to tell you that has all changed thanks to aromatherapy bath crystals from Relax & Spa. I was instantly intrigued by the aromatherapy products which all contain Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, vitamins, minerals, moisturizing infusion, and essential oils. Prior to this experience, I had never tried a bath with crystals, so this was absolutely something I was willing to try. Mama’s, you know how frustrating some days (MOST days) can be with a toddler at home, plus a hundred things to get done by the end of the day. I needed something to increase my peace, rejuvenate from, and help me feel better all over . I wasn’t sure what the results would be, especially because I knew how much I disliked the idea of a tub bath. You could say I was a bit skeptical about the outcome of these products. However, as of now, I will MOST DEFINITELY continue to take night time baths to promote my tranquility. The use of these Relax crystals have been amazing and a life-changing experience. If you’re a mother in desperate need of some effective therapy for those long, hectic days I highly suggest you to keep reading ahead!

Your Ideal Therapy

My top favorite is their De-Stress Therapy crystals. Since a couple weeks ago, this therapy turned into my ultimate life saver. As soon as I lit my candles, turn off the lights and submerge myself in the tub filled with these magical crystals I feel my energy uplift + my mind clear from all the stress and tension built up. Good vibes roam the bathroom while I listen to some chill tunes as I lay there as well. I simply enjoy the calmness of this therapeutic escape.

  • I use 3-4 capfuls to reduce my anxiety + soothe aches.  
  • Lukewarm (more on the warmer side) for full effect.
  • Always dim the light or burn candles for peaceful atmosphere.
  • Use daily if your sanity calls for it, I usually do 2-3xs a week.


Therapy for Mommy & Kids

Next up we have their Relax Lavender Palmarosa. This specific blend is perfect for a relaxed bath by yourself to get you sleepy OR with your little one as well! I typically use this with Kaden before his bedtime to induce sleep. The soothing blend of lavender creates a tranquil vibe for both of us. The difference between this and the De-Stress crystals is that the lavender crystals do not soothe aches, at least not mine, and I use this specifically to help Kaden fall asleep quicker.

  • I only use 1-2 capfuls when K is in the tub with me.
  • Most effective for inducing sleep for sure.
  • This blend if full of relaxation and skin healing benefits.


Detox Therapy + More

This is another one of my favorites when it’s time for a good cleanse! Their Detox Therapy crystals are the best for releasing those nasty toxins your body/skin builds up. This blend is best to use when you’re detoxing with smoothies/juice as well. Detoxing will clean everything that is clogged within and eliminate them externally. I felt the great power of these crystals after just one bathing experience. My energy boosted and my skin felt rejuvenated itself. I haven’t had the chance to detox again, but I’m looking forward to a fresh cleanse in the beginning of the month.

  • I used 3 capfuls in hot water to sweat out all toxins.
  • 20-30 minute detox baths are said to be most effective.
  • My goal is to detox regularly to optimize full health and well-being.


Interview w. Kim from Relax Spa & Bath:

Which product do you recommend most for busy, overwhelmed moms?

 A: I love Lavender Palmarosa which has Lavender and Palmarosa essential oils. Lavender is most known to promote relaxation and induce sleep but it also has incredible healing properties for the skin! What’s great about the salt blends is that they all contain Epsom and Dead Sea Salts which both really help with detoxing after a long, stressful day. 

Are all your products child friendly?

A: Yes! All of the salts are non-toxic and 100% safe for children. The parents in our office love to use Honey Mango or Strawberries and Champagne in the morning and the Lavender Palmarosa right before bed!

Are there any precautions to take when using your products?

A: Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should consult a doctor before use. If you are diabetic, thyroid problems, adrenal issues, or have high blood pressure you should also consult a doctor before use. Bath water temperature should not be hot enough to be uncomfortable. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness irregular heartbeat, or excessive sweating get out of the bath and if symptoms persist consult your doctor. 

Can breastfeeding mama’s use products from RELAX BATH AND SPA?

A: Yes! As long as the bath water isn’t hot enough to make you uncomfortable, you don’t soak longer than 20 – 30 minutes, and you don’t ingest the product, using the bath salts will be totally fine! 

How much is shipping + handling?

A: We often offer free shipping promotions on our site, but if there isn’t one running its $8 – $10 depending on where you live! 

Connect w. Relax Spa & Bath: WebsiteIG | FB | Twitter | Pinterest

*Essentially these products are made to improve your overall well being and your families as well! They have a WIDE VARIETY of different crystals to choose from. A few examples are: energy therapy, love potion therapy, green tea therapy, sports therapy, + much more! A huge plus is that they’re all incredibly affordable too!


Thanks for reading! I hope that you can too find your #MOMLIFE tranquility with these items! Happy Wednesday, xx.


*DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Relax Bath and Spa, but all opinions/reviews/thoughts on their products are MY own.

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