Types Of Down Alternative Pillows And Their Benefits

Types Of Down Alternative Pillows And Their Benefits

Mgc MOM boasts of being one of the best places to shop for pillows in bulk. The company makes the best pillows for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. In addition to pillows, the company also manufactures children’s beddings and household products. Some of the best-selling products by the brand are down alternative pillows, which this post will be focusing on.

Types of down alternative materials for pillows

Down alternative pillows are made from non-animal fillers or products. This is the opposite of down pillows, which are made from materials sourced from animals, like feathers or fur. Instead, the pillows are made from 100% synthetic fillings. The most common types of down alternative pillows are;

  • Latex pillows
  • PLA  pillows made from non-GMO sugarcane
  • Polyester pillows
  • Foam pillows
  • Silicone pillows

Note that the various types can also be categorized based on their shape and brand.

Benefits of down alternative pillows

The following are some things that make down alternative pillows an ideal choice;

1. They are inexpensive

One of the primary differentiating factors between down and down alternative pillows is that the latter is cheaper. The inexpensive nature of down alternative pillows can be attributed to the fact that the raw materials for the pillows are cheaps. Down alternative pillows are made from synthetic inserts, which are cheaper to manufacture and acquire.

2. They are hypoallergenic

Many people do not realize when purchasing pillows that the wrong choice could trigger their allergic reactions. This is usually because of the materials used to make the pillows. Some materials collect dust and get dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions. This is not the case with these pillows. These pillows do not gather dust mites that could trigger allergic reactions. Also, the pillows can be washed. Washing them eliminates the germs which cause allergies and other health problems like asthma.

3. They are easy to maintain

As mentioned earlier, down alternative pillows are easy to wash. They do not need to follow any complex rules when washing the pillows. This is a significant advantage that down pillows do not offer. Drying the pillows is also easy as you can do it in the dryer. Proper cleaning and drying significantly help with maintaining the pillows. You can down-alternative pillows at least every couple of months.

4. They are eco-friendly

Kindly note that down alternative pillows are also highly eco-friendly. This is because no natural materials are exhausted when making the pillows. The best pillow manufacturers have also developed advanced materials for down alternative pillows that do not harm the environment in any way. However, you must understand that not all down alternative pillows are eco-friendly. For instance, polyester pillows are not the most eco-friendly.

Final word

It is worth mentioning that down alternative pillows also come in several densities. The standard densities are firm, medium, soft, and extra soft. This is the same case with their counterparts, down pillows. Therefore, when purchasing down alternative pillows, it would be wise to consider their density and shape. Also, note that the benefits listed above may differ depending on the type of down alternative pillow.