Why I Chose The Path To Simplicity


We live in a world filled with chaos, competition, & comparison all around us. I’ve learned that the way we think and perceive our life will either trap or set us free. Most days I’d feel overwhelmed, exhausted, & had immoderate anxiety which eventually lead to dispiriting thoughts. Losing enthusiasm and hope for my dreams didn’t feel right. I was the furthest thing from free.

Nothing seemed to satisfy me. I constantly wanted more: more clothes, more shoes, more pictures, more money, more food, more love, more attention, more time. I’d complain about the smallest things. Comparing my lifestyle to others had a lot to do with this also. Even competing with myself was beginning to defeat me. I knew something had to give. This wasn’t acceptable and my husband & son did not deserve it.

One night back in October I found an amazing blog: BE MORE WITH LESS that was greatly inspiring and opened my eyes to a higher way of thinking & doing. This was the answer. I needed to simplify, not only my life but also myself. Learning about simplicity has not only changed my perspective on happiness, it has also molded me into a better person. This has benefited my family and our household as well.

The art of a simple life is love, it is wonderful. A few things I’ve been practicing are detaching myself from material things, saving, de-cluttering, shopping minimally, eating simple foods,  etc. A couple things I’ve fully mastered since I started my journey is changing my mindset, finding inner peace in all things I do, and accepting that true joy comes from your soul.

Everything won’t always be convenient, sometimes you’ll have to endure the negativity life continues to bring and reach for the light. Simplicity won’t guarantee you an amazing life, however it will help you see the freedom of living happier with less.



  • Ashley woodbeck


    This speaks to me so much. Thank you for sharing and always being so encouraging!

    • Diana

      I’m so happy you read! Thank you for your support xx

  • Hannah


    Yes! I love Be More With Less! So glad to hear another life transformed to simplicity. *fistbump*

    • dianasamantha

      Her page is so wonderful! Yes, simplicity has blessed my life in so many ways! Thanks for stopping by xx

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