Why your hair stopped being virgin

Why your hair stopped being virgin

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is purely human hair that has not been treated with any chemical or dye. It entails hair in its original form directly from a human. Virgin hair is used to make human hair wigs and other beauty products. Sometimes you may confuse between virgin human hair and synthetic hair.

The easiest way to differentiate between virgin and synthetic hair is through a burning test. A synthetic hair would burn slowly into a ball and produce elastic smells producing dark smoke, unlike human hairs. When burning, you can do a sniff test to find out the smell of the hair. This test will allow you to distinguish between actual human and synthetic hairs.

Human hair can be virgin or Remy. The two are different and depend on the hair donor. When hair is obtained from the hair donor, it can fall in any of the two categories.

What is the difference between virgin and natural hair?

The primary difference between virgin and natural hair lies in how the hair donor was treating her hair. A virgin hair is purely natural and has no chemical element in them. In contrast, Remy hair is hair that has elements of bleach and other chemicals in them. Remy hair would have chemicals because the hair donor was either bleaching or using other chemicals such as perm.

What are the different types of virgin hairs?

Virgin hairs differ, and there are common types of virgin hairs, including Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian, and Indian. While these four types of hairs are different, they have notable similarities. The most common similarities include the type of quality and body.

Among the available types of virgin hairs, Indian virgin hair is considered the most popular. Besides, it is readily available in the market and attracts a significantly considerable number of clienteles.

Which is better virgin hair or Remy hair

The best quality of human hair is virgin hair. It is usually expensive in the market and worth a high value. It lasts longer than Remy hair which makes it with the high value that it has. Virgin hair extensions are collected from people that do not use any chemical or have never bleached their hair.

You can physically spot virgin hair by looking for specific characteristics on the hair. When checked physically, virgin hairs look smoother than Remy hair. Furthermore, the virgin hair reflects more light than Remy hair.

Can virgin hair grow back?

Virgin hair cannot grow back once lost. Virgin hair should remain untouched if you maintain the virgin status of the hair. Any slight addition of chemicals on the hair makes the hair stop being a virgin.

You can lose your hair’s virginity by adding chemicals inform of dyes or other oils. The virgin hair strands get lost completely the moment you add any form of chemical to your hair. Nonetheless, it does not stop being natural. Instead, it becomes a Remy.